About Us

The Foundation


Founded in 1901 as a religious utopia, Dr. John Alexander Dowie left a remarkable legacy.  The Holy City of Zion attracted thousands from all around the world who believed in religious tolerance, racial equality and self-sufficiency.  

Shiloh House


 The Founder's 25-Room Victorian Mansion is open to the public for self-guided tours.  Beautifully restored, The Zion Historical Society maintains the property and guests can walk back in time and learn all about Zion's early industries such as the Lace Factory, Cookie and Candy Manufacturing and history of Faith Healing that still inspires residents and visitors today as they visit the city in hope of finding a cure. 

By Design


As the 2nd planned city in the U.S., with Washington, D.C. as the first, Zion is designed in the pattern of the Union Jack Flag.  The Church is at the center and all streets radiate to form both the Christian Cross and Scotland's St. Andrews Cross.